2215 Hendersonville Road, Arden NC  28704

Sunday School 9:30am | Worship 10:45am



Children's Ministry

"Partnering with parents to bring the Gospel to the next generation!"

This is the purpose and focus of our children's ministry at Arden.  We are committed to coming alongside parents to assist them in laying a spiritual foundation in the lives of their children.  We believe that God has given parents the primary responsibility for the spiritual nurture of their children.  Our aim is to aid the parents in their calling.  We strongly encourage parental involvement in the classroom and would like to assist them in their "adventure" of parenting.  Our curriculum is Bible-based and our goal is teaching that is intentional, loving, age-appropriate, and Christ-centered.

We seek to accomplish this purpose through four primary programs:

  1. Sunday School: Our children's Sunday School program is designed to familiarize students with the truth of the Gospel, how it relates to the whole story of redemption, and what it means for their lives.  We are using the Gospel Story curriculum to teach our children the Bible.  You can learn more about our Sunday School here.
  2. Catechism Kids: We supplement our Sunday School program with our catechism ministry.  In Catechism Kids we teach our children the "big picture" of Scripture in a systematic question and answer format.  This method of teaching is an effective and fun way for our children to learn their "gospel grammar."
  3. Children's Worship Training: Most Sundays during the year we offer Children's Worship Training.  In this program, children ages four through Kindergarten are excused from the worship service during the offering.  During this time we teach them why we do what we do in worship.
  4. Backyard Bible Clubs: Backyard Bible Clubs are a fun summer ministry to our children and the children in our community.  There are multiple clubs meeting all over the city during this fun week.  We read a Bible story, play games, eat snacks, and make crafts together.  Most importantly, we seek to reach out in love to our neighbors and share with them the good news of salvation in Christ.

If you would like more in formation about our Children's Ministry please contact Michele Bartlett at 828-684-7221 ext 305