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The Arden Presbyterian Church session has established committees, normally chaired by a member of the session and populated by member of the congregation, to serve the church and community in many ways.  Below is a partial list of current committees. 

Ad Hoc Admin committee: chairman: Steve Stroud. This committee serves as an Ad-hoc committee of the session and meets as needed to support the Senior Pastor in the management of the administrative and personnel affairs of the church.

Assimilation Committee: Chairman: Chad Watkins. This committee serves visitors and new members in the introduction to, and integration into the Arden Pres. Family. The focus is to provide an on-ramp to the church through follow-up of visitors, development and maintenance of visitor packs (i.e. in consultation with C.E. they will ensure materials are fresh and communicated to Webmaster and hardcopies available in the narthex), Sunday School integration (helping people get “plugged in”), oversight of the donut ministry oversight, insuring greeters are present at main doors during worship services, and insuring the visitor table is staffed.

CE/Children’s Ministry: Chairman: Steve Jennings. Description: This committee serves Arden Pres through assisting the various ministries of the church in the development, organization, and implementation of the Christian Education ministry of the church, including Women’s ministry, Sunday School, catechism, and nursery ministry.

Evangelism and Outreach Committee: Chairman: Craig Sheppard. This committee serves Arden Pres through assisting the pastors in the cultivation of a heart for the lost in the Arden Church membership, and providing regular training opportunities for the Arden congregation in the various methods of evangelism, as well as the development and implementation of local opportunities for evangelism and outreach.

Fellowship Committee: Chairman: Chad Watkins. This committee serves Arden Pres through the development, implementation and encouragement of the small group ministry of the church. Their goal is to see the Arden church family grow in relational knowledge and love for one-another.

Finance Committee: Chairman: Duncan Dorris. This committee serves Arden Pres through overseeing the financial resources of the church in coordination with the Deaconate and respective committees. They seek to maintain a financially responsible relationship between the church budget, cash flow, and the current needs of the church. Specifically, they are tasked with annually collecting budget requests from each committee, proposing the annual budget to the session, assembling and implementing the new budgets, and monitoring up-to-date monthly financial reports. The Committee also oversees an annual audit of the Church financial records and insures that the congregation is updated regularly on the general financial health of the church. This committee works closely with the deaconate as the primary committee responsible for the care and maintenance of the facility.

Missions Committee: Chairman: Craig Sheppard. This committee serves Arden Pres through the strategic development and implementation of both a foreign and domestic missions philosophy and plan. Specifically they receiving requests and disseminate missionary financial support, host an annual missions conference, continually increase the congregation’s understanding and participation in world missions and outreach (especially that of Mission to the World), and recommend short-term missions opportunities, both domestic and abroad, to the session and congregation.

SuperSaints: Chairman: Monty Baker.

Worship Committee: Chairman: Tony VunCannon. This committee serves Arden Pres through assisting the senior pastor in maintaining weekly corporate worship that is God-honoring, body-edifying, and faithful to the regulative principle of worship. They also plan, present to session, and implement plans for special seasonal events (such as Christmas and Easter events) and oversee the policies governing the use of worship facilities of the church (i.e weddings, funerals, etc.)

Youth Committee: Chairman: Dean Robinson. This committee serves Arden Pres through assisting the youth pastor in the strategic development and implementation of a youth ministry that prepares our covenant children for life in the church and life in the Kingdom. Specifically they seek to develop an understanding in each child of a Biblical/Christian world and life view, an understanding of the scriptures, a discipline of personal Bible study and devotion to Christ, a knowledge of the gospel and how to present it, and an understanding of the doctrines of our faith through catechesis.