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New Commandment Men's Ministry

MHS Project

 This month we had eight New Commandment men working to support Arden members. Weather was perfect. we removed, and took to the dump three truckloads of Living Christmas Tree platforms and debris that had been stored at the home of Mary Helen Swartzkopf, and had teams out doing painting, roof repairs and just visiting to share the Love of Christ with our members.   

 Our next New Commandment Service day will be Saturday, March 11. Mark it on your calendar! While our work was blessing this month, we had a list of members who we were unable to visit. These are members who have either asked for a visit, or have been suggested to us by other members of the church. More men of the church are needed to meet these needs. 

As always, as the New Commandment date approaches, it will be helpful to know roughly how many men plan to participate so we can plan our support. But don't let that deter you should you make the decision to join us Saturday morning, March 11. All are welcome, even at the last minute!


New Commandment Overview.

New Commandment is Arden’s newest service ministry, extending the reach of the diaconate to meet the needs of single mothers, widows, widowers and seniors. These are members who need some basic help around their homes, but, even more, who desire the comfort that comes from Christian brothers coming along side to help.

New Commandment follows a model for men’s service ministries developed about ten years ago under the auspices of Focus on the Family. At Arden, New Commandment began this past summer. Since June our teams have visited a number of members, prayed with them and helped them with a variety of tasks. While these kind acts are important, the focus of the ministry is member contact and prayer.

Arden’s New Commandment Men’s Ministry Teams meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Room (under the choir loft) for a light breakfast and a short devotional. We pray for the care receivers, break into our teams and depart to care receivers’ homes where we meet with them and minister to their needs. To participate, men need not commit to every month. We shape our visits to the number of men available, and hope to grow sufficiently in the coming months to more adequately minister to the needs of all our members.

How can YOU help?

  1. Pray that our Lord would guide this ministry.
  2. Men of Arden…please join us!!!
  3. If you desire a New Commandment Team visit or know a member who might, please contact Deacon John Plant, jtplant@att.net or (828) 424-7571; or Deacon Mark Gould: mbgould2@gmail.com or (828) 275-8842.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.” Galatians 6:10

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