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New Commandment Men's Ministry

In March, we had eight New Commandment men working to support Arden members. Weather wasn't ideal, as it had turned cold thus painting was out of the question. Still, we were able to visit and support for Arden families, then our entire teams moved to join other Arden members helping Pastor Gabe his family move into their new home. This month's devotional is posted on the devotional page. Also, thanks to Mike Sease for bringing the eggs to spice up our normal Bojangles biscuits! 

Our next New Commandment Service day will be Saturday, April 1. Please mark it on your calendar! This is a shift as in April we will meet on the first Saturday as on the second Saturday, most of the men who are active in this ministry will be participating in another activity. We continue to be told of other members who would enjoy a new commandment visit. As out numbers increase we will strive to meet these needs.

As always, as the New Commandment date approaches, it will be helpful to know roughly how many men plan to participate so we can plan our support. Please send me an email or let me know if you see me at church. But don't let that deter you should you make the decision to join us Saturday morning, April 1. All are welcome, even at the last minute!


New Commandment Update-March 2017

Included in this month's Arden Focus Newsletter.

     Early last year we introduced the New Commandment Men’s Ministry to Arden. New Commandment is an extension of the Diaconate mission to follow after the example of the Lord Jesus by helping one another in time of need. We focus on the needs of single mothers, widows, widowers and seniors—members who need some basic help around their homes and desire the comfort that comes from Christian brothers coming along side to help. New Commandment complements existing Arden ministries—Visitation, Hands-of-Faith, and the Mercy Ministry by extending the love that our Savior commanded in John 13:34-35, “Love one another just as I have loved you.”

What has New Commandment done thus far? Following our initial organizational effort, we started visiting members in August. Over the past seven months, 17 Arden men have visited and rendered assistance to 14 church families, prayed with them and helped them meet some of their needs. Sometimes we have just visited, other times we have done a range of work including yard work, house painting, deck repairs, furniture repairs, roof repairs and pressure washing. We even installed a new sliding glass door. One member told us the most important thing we did was to help her find her lost car keys. New Commandment activities are now posted monthly on this web page.

How does New Commandment Work? We meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 8:30 in the fellowship room for coffee, Bojangles biscuits, Dunkin’ Donuts and a short devotional. (Our devotionals are also posted on the web page each month.) We share experiences from the last month’s visits, prepare for our upcoming visits, discuss ways we can improve the ministry and pray for our care receivers. Then we break into teams and depart to the care receivers’ homes where we meet with them and serve them. We plan for 2-3 hours of service and to finish by noon. When possible, we contact the members to be visited earlier in the week to ensure they desire a visit and that they will be home. Sometimes we identify needs that cannot be met during our appointed meeting times and coordinate to meet those needs as best we can.

Challenges/Opportunities: As New Commandment completes its first year at Arden, our challenge is matching identified needs to the number of men available. We average 10-12 men each month and work in groups of 2-3 depending on the task at hand. Of course, with more men, we could visit and serve more members. We have already had a few young men from the youth ministry join us, and Gabe is working to integrate that service into the youth ministry. We also plan to have another “Introduction to New Commandment” meeting sometime later this year for men who want to learn more. We will view New Commandment founder, Herb Reese’s video on the ministry. It is compelling!

1. Pray that our Lord would continue to guide this ministry and all we do.
2. Men of Arden…please join us!!! You will be blessed, and you will be a blessing.
3. If you desire a New Commandment Team visit or know a member who might. Please contact either John Plant or Mark Gould.

“So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith." Galatians 6:10

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