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Women's Ministry

APC women's ministry is anchored on the authority of God's Word and exists for the glory of God. Our vision is that the women of APC would embrace and embody God's design for us as worshipers, complementarian life-givers and helpers. We seek to accomplish this through study and application of Scripture, mentoring, serving, showing mercy and compassion, building covenantal community, and exercising spiritual gifts in the home, church, city and world. We are committed to passing on this legacy of Biblical and covenantal womanhood to women of all ages and to future generations.

  • Authority of God’s Word: We believe that God’s word is sufficient for all we need to know for life and godliness. It is necessary because God’s word is God’s special revelation to us, directing us into the knowledge of Him, of our Savior, of ourselves, and of the world. It alone is authoritative so that what it declares is absolutely true and changeless at all times and in all places. It is clear. Though all things in it are not equally clear, all things that are needed for life, forgiveness and salvation are openly stated or may be easily deduced from it.
  • Complementarian life-givers and helpers: Though men and women are created by God as equal in dignity, value, essence and human nature, they are also distinct in role whereby the male was given the responsibility of loving authority over the female, and the female was to offer willing, glad-hearted and submissive assistance to the man. Gen. 1:26-27 makes clear that male and female are equally created as God’s image, and so are, by God’s created design, equally and fully human. But, as Gen. 2 bears out (as seen in its own context and as understood by Paul in 1 Cor. 11 and 1 Tim. 2), their humanity would find expression differently, in a relationship of complementarity, with the female functioning in a submissive role under the leadership and authority of the male.  For a more detailed treatment of the complementarianism we encourage you to read this article.
  • Mentoring: The Biblical process whereby a mature Christian woman guides a spiritually younger woman in the various facets of the Christian faith and ministry. It may include everything from Bible study and discipleship skills to parenting, marriage, and household care.
  • Showing mercy and compassion: The act of caring for others, especially within the body of Christ at APC, through various services, such as the preparation of meals for the sick or incapacitated, bereavement care, transportation helps, financial assistance, or simply a ministry of presence.
  • Building and covenantal community: We believe that God relates to His people on the foundation of His eternal covenant. All who profess faith in Christ, seek to follow Him as His disciple, and are baptized members in local Bible-believing churches are members of God’s Covenant Community. The local expression of that covenant community at APC is all those who have joined our church and are seeking to live faithfully to the Lord and to their membership vows. In humble reliance upon the Lord’s grace, we covenant to love one another. Specifically, we seek to live toward one another in such a way that the Lord is glorified and His church is built up. We seek to only speak words that encourage and give grace to those who hear, while being diligent not to slander, gossip, or speak in such a way that does not edify the other. We seek to assume the best about each other and our motives. When we feel we have been offended we covenant to go prayerfully and humbly to resolve the matter with those involved. In this same spirit we commit to receive the correction that others may bring to us. God has given us differences in personality, strengths, gifts, and temperament. Therefore, giving thanks to God, we covenant to bear with one another in love, to enjoy our differences, to serve one another, and to encourage one another to love and good deeds.
  • Exercising spiritual gifts: The Holy Spirit is not only the gift given to every believer, He is also the bestower of various spiritual gifts to believers for the purpose of serving and building up the body of Christ, and being a vessel in the hands of God for the redemption of the world. Every true church has members with different and varied gifts. We seek to discover what our gifts are, and how to faithfully use them in service to the Lord and His Church.
  • Legacy of Biblical and covenantal womanhood: We seek to embrace God’s design for women as helpers and life-givers in every stage of life and to use our gifts to serve the covenantal community.
  • Women of all ages: All women (from birth onward) shall be seeking to both mentor and encourage spiritually less mature women while also seeking to be mentored by those who are more spiritually mature.

For more information, please contact Jean-Marie VunCannon at 828-684-7221, ext. 315 or jmvuncannon@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Facebook at Arden Presbyterian Women's Ministries